November 28, 2009: Grices Final Disney Day

Our massive Walt Disney World Trip 2009 is winding down to a close.  Today is the Grices’ final day in the parks as they fly out first thing tomorrow.  That is five of our ten people so we will be running a skeleton crew tomorrow and then on Monday it will be only Dominica, Liesl and I.

Today is Saturday.  I did not manage to get today off since I took yesterday evening off.  Otherwise I would have been off today without any problem being the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I had pulled some favours yesterday and am returning them this morning.  No problem, it had to be done.

While I stayed behind in the hotel room to work, Dominica and Liesl joined the family as they headed off to EPCOT for the final day there.  Our schedule is pretty easy today, casual day in EPCOT and dinner at Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge.

I worked until lunch time then was able to jump on a bus and head into the park to join everyone.  They were in Mexico, the EPCOT World Showcase, when I got there.  Dominica and Emily were just hunting down some place to get lunch and were looking into vegetarian options at the San Angel Inn’s outdoor cafe.  So I joined them there and we settled down to a nice outdoor table with Floridian birds pestering us.  Dominica and I just got vegetarian burritos (yes, I know, not actually a Mexican food, but TexMex at least.)  Liesl really enjoyed the burrito.

For dessert we tried one of the popular Disney churros that are everywhere, Emily ordered it, but it was disgusting and none of us wanted to eat it.  I have no idea why people like these.  It is tough and tasteless and the raw dough in the middle is a little bit gross.

After lunch, Madeline and Emily went and did a few Kim Possible missions while the rest of us just sat in either Mexico or Norway and relaxed.  I walked over to China to the Joy of Tea and got one of the amazing mango gingeritas and enjoyed myself.  Bennie went and got a margarita from Mexico.  I warned him that they were rumoured to be no good but he said that they could only be so bad.  Once he got one, though, he said that they were far worse than he thought that they could possibly be.

After the girls did a few Kim Possible missions they were mostly frustrated with the system and we all went back down to Future World to use the Fast Passes that they had gotten earlier for Soarin’ which no one had managed to do yet, I don’t believe.  Dominica’s mother and I stayed outside and watched Garrett and Liesl while everyone else rode.

When they were done with Soarin’ Francesca was feeling pretty worn out (being pregnant in Disney will do that to you) so we decided to call it a day in the parks and go back to the resort to relax before going to dinner.

Back at the hotel, Dominica wasn’t feeling very well and was trying to nap.  I did a little work and was watching Liesl.  I left her with Dominica for just a little bit (sometimes you just have to have a bathroom break) and while Liesl was playing on the bed, she suddenly got sick.  Really sick.  We didn’t even have enough time to get it cleaned up before it was time to go get dinner.

We were not sure if Liesl was really sick or if something had happened.  She had been playing on the bed and had gone off the side, as she often does, with Dominica catching her so Dominica was not sure if she had squeezed her or choked her or something that triggered her getting sick.  So we could not make a good judgment call as to her condition.  We decided that she was acting fine so we just went ahead on to dinner assuming that everything was okay.

Liesl was fine until we got onto the bus.  The moment that I stepped onto the bus carrying her, she got sick again.  What a mess!  Poor Liesl.  This is going to be a tough evening for her.

We ended up getting out to the Wilderness Lodge earlier than necessary.  But you have to do that, the variance in travel times is just too great.  While we were there we took the family on a real quick walk around so that they could see what a cool resort it is.  This is the resort that Dominica and I (and, in a way, Liesl) stayed the very last time that we were here in early 2008 when we were pregnant with Liesl.

We did some shopping.  It was really cool because we discovered that there was a Disney wood sculptor there with a lot of her work on display.  All of the wood was from fallen branches and she had some really amazing stuff.  It was really affordable too and she was there herself this evening signing pieces that were purchased.  So we hunted around and found a really adorable piece that is one of the bears from the Country Bear Jamboree that we bought and had shipped to Peekskill.  We like to get one piece of something that is really cool from Disney each time that we go so that we have a memento of the trip.

While we were shopping in the gift shop, Liesl got sick yet again, this time in her stroller.  What a mess.

We got in to eat.  All of the adults except for Dominica and I got the all you can eat meal which is, without a doubt, the best bang for your buck meal for carnivores in all of Disney.  Dominica and I both got the maple glazed trout which is really good.

Liesl got sick again as we were finishing our meals.  Dominica and I decided that we just could not subject her to being out and about any more, we were really sorry that we decided to come out at all but we really were not sure how bad she was because she was acting like everything was fine.  So Dominica rushed her off to the bathroom to do as much cleanup and changing as possible and I ran around getting the bill paid, sending food home with the family and running to the store to pick up our package and make those arrangements.

We made it home without her getting sick while on any additional moving vehicles but she did make a mess on me while we were waiting for a bus.

We got back the hotel and Liesl just got worse and worse.  She was definitely quite unhappy at this point.  She had been for quite a long time without food and drink staying down so she was hungry and thirsty and feeling awful. We were realy afraid that we were heading back down the road towards dehydration and a trip to the emergency room but she never seemed to get bad enough to warrant that.

Dominica’s father stopped by to drop off our desserts from the Whispering Canyon and stayed for a while to hold and comfort Liesl.  The front desk sent housekeeping up with a total change of linens and towels for us and they made up the room and changed the bed where Liesl had gotten sick.  How great it is having twenty-four hour room service, even in the lower cost resorts.  That is a life saver.

We were up late and eventually able to get Liesl off to sleep.  It was very late and we were all very exhausted.

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