November 29, 2009: Toccos Final Disney Day

This morning Liesl appears to be doing a bit better.  She got some sleep last night and is at least not getting sick on us over and over again.  So perhaps she is on the road to recovery.  It is a work day (Sunday) for me so we are just relaxing in the hotel room while I work as much as possible.  Dominica went out and did laundry for a while trying to get our clothes and Liesl’s stuff cleaned up a bit.  Liesl fell asleep on the hotel bed behind where I was sitting and spent a few hours sleeping snuggled against my back.

Liesl ended up sleeping until three in the afternoon.  She really needed the time to rest and heal.  She was much more herself, and very hungry, when she finally woke up.

Once Liesl was awake, we rallied the troops and were off to EPCOT.  We met up with the Toccos in the UK.  Dominica and I had gotten there early and had gotten a fish and chips to split.  We originally had had dinner reservations at Kouzina’s tonight, being the new Kat Kora restaurant that replaced Spoodles on the Disney Boardwalk.  But our dining plan has us left with tons of snacks and counter service meals that must be used up today before midnight (because most of them belong to Dominica’s parents and they switched rooms today so their meals are going to expire while technically our own do not expire until tomorrow night) so we are skipping the reservation and just grazing through EPCOT’s World Showcase instead.  I really am not heartbroken.  I had always wanted to try Spoodles but having a “celebrity” restaurant is just a huge turnoff to me.  I have a natural aversion to things that feel gimmicky or heavily marketed and so restaurants that are famous for their owners and not for their food not only don’t sell me on their products but make me want to avoid them completely.  It is like those Apple commercials for this Macs with the stoner kid telling you how all the cool kids have Macs.  It just makes me feel like I would be embarrassed to own a Mac regardless of whether I think they are good or not.  Apple would sell more stuff to me if they just stopped all the hype.

From the UK we walked over to France and went to the pastry shop and got some pastries to split.  We sat in almost the same seats that Dominica and I sat at in the rain in 2005 on our first Disney trip together.

Then we walked through the World Showcase stopping in Morocco so that Dominica’s parents could see what an awesome area it is.  There is definitely nothing in the World Showcase that compares to Morocco, they did such an amazing job there.

We continued around the World Showcase but could not find anything that everyone wanted to eat so we decided to head on down to The Land and get food in the cafeteria area there.  It was a bit of a hike.  Dominica’s feet have been killer her for days.  These long Disney trips really take a toll on her.  She can never find shows that are really comfortable for her for the large amounts of walking that have to be done here.

We were able to get some different food at the Sunshine Seasons food court.  Nothing really stood out as being totally amazing but I found a tofu noodle bowl that was completely different from the one in Tomorrowland but was still quite good – but not nearly as good as the amazing one that I had over there several days ago.

After we ate, Dominica’s dad and I took Liesl on Living with the Land, which as all of my readers know is my all time favourite Disney ride.  It is pretty much not updated at all this year from our trip a year and a half ago, which is a disappointment but the ride is still good.  I really like Living with the Land because it has all of the best bits of what Disney does – awesome dark ride mechanics, dramatic water and artistry in a darkride and interesting educational stuff – without the things that they consistently get wrong – loud noises, pointless weird made up theming, action that doesn’t relate to the ride, etc.  It is extra cool because it mixes the best dark ride work that Disney has done with a revolving restaurant and then real, live labs.  It just has everything.

Dominica’s parents left EPCOT ahead of us to go back to the hotel.  This is their last night in the hotel and they need to be up really, really early, like around three thirty, to catch their Disney Magical Express that will take them to the airport so that they can fly home.  So if they do not get to bed really early they will not be able to get up in the morning.  We do not fly out until late afternoon so we get some time in Disney yet tomorrow.

We decided not to stay in EPCOT, though, after seeing the long line for Spaceship Earth which was the only ride that I was really interested in doing yet.  So we just headed back ourselves.

Before going back to our own hotel room we walked down to the Toccos’ new room to get or drop something off – I don’t remember exactly what the errand was.  Up until now we had only seen the Calypso area of the All Star Music which is the two hotel buildings directly against the main building surrounding the guitar pool.  Dominica’s parents are spending tonight in a room in Broadway which is a good walk back away from the main building.  So we got a chance to walk through most of the resort and to check out the theming.  The theming back in Jazz and Broadway was way cooler than up where we were but the walk is so far that it does not justify it at all unless you are driving everywhere and use your car rather than going through the bus stop all of the time which is out front.

Then it was off to an early bed for us.  We are very tired.  This week has worn us out.

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