December 29, 2009: Workweek in the Galveston Area

I am working from the Galveston area (Bayou Vista and League City) all week.  This morning Dominica and I hung out in Bayou Vista for a while before heading out to get lunch at Waffle House.  We are loving having access to Waffle House now that we are living in Texas.

Low Water in the Bayou Vista Salt Marsh

While I was out in Bayou Vista today I noticed that the water level in the salt marsh there was incredibly low so I thought that I would take a picture. It is neat to see how the slow moving water drops sediments here and is gradually filling in the area making new land where there was none before. Once some saltgrass manages to take hold it is all over and the mud turns into land and the water has no chance to wash it away.

Light rain and fifty one degrees today.  We are not yet used to Texas weather.  New York is quite cold and covered in snow these days.  The lack of winter weather is going to be awesome.

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