December 30, 2009: Trying to Find Coffee

Today was a pretty slow work day for me.  I worked all day from Joe and Britt’s house.  I have my laptop set up on the kitchen counter and spend most of the day just standing at it or, from time to time, sitting on a bar stool to work at it.  It sounds more uncomfortable than it is.  Work is really slow as it is the holiday week so I am walking around and doing other things quite a bit all throughout the day.

Dominica slept in very late tonight.  I got up with Liesl and brought her downstairs while I worked in the kitchen.  Joe was awake playing PlayStation 3 so Liesl hung out with us.  This morning Liesl really starting playing with her new pop-up PlayHut playhouse that we have set up in Joe’s “den” area just off of the dining room (it is all one big open space so hard to call one room one thing and another another.)  It is really cool watching Liesl explore her little play house and going inside to be alone and play with all of the plastic balls that it stores.

In the fifties here in the Houston area.  In Impfondo it is eight nine degrees today.

After work today I drove up to the north east of Houston to meet Jen for some coffee and sandwiches.  We’ve been trying to get together since we hung out at SpiceWorld Austin and SpiceCorps Houston and this is the one week when we are both in the Houston area with some free time.

Getting around the Houston area, or anywhere in Texas, pretty much, using our BMW GPS is pretty much impossible.  The system is not very old but every single road in Texas has changed in the last two years and nothing is on the GPS.  What little bit is on the GPS is all wrong.  Turns are all messed up even with long time existing roads.  It easily doubles the time to get anywhere as you are always turning around, getting stuck going the wrong way and just getting lost in general.

After coffee with Jen I drove down to the Grices’ and picked up Dominica, Liesl and Oreo there.  It was rather late and we just headed home.  Most everyone was already off to bed by that time anywhere.

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