January 12, 2010: Liesl Learns Her Name!

Pretty normal day today.  Not too much really to report.  Got up and worked from home a little bit this morning and then walked to the office.  I can’t get over being able to walk to the office.  This is great.  Fifty degrees in January and walking distance to the office.  Make my readers jealous today: check.

The other advantage of walking to the office is being able to carry in my own coffee too.  Good coffee from home instead of the burnt ick that the office has in the little snack area.  Eww.  I’ve been carrying a “to go” coffee container to and from the office every day to be as green as possible.  I need my SpiceWorks thermal mug but it is in storage back in New York still.  This would be the perfect place to use it.  It is very handy that Dominica has the house stocked with “to go” coffee supplies though.  Very easy to make and take coffee every morning.

I worked until after one before taking lunch.  Dominica wanted Thai for lunch so she called in an order to Blu Ginger and I walked over there to pick it up and took it back to the apartment for us to eat there.  On the walk from the restaurant to the apartment some maniac New York transplant driver almost ran me over on my street (inside joke.)  But luckily I was able to run away quickly enough.

I ended up being in the office pretty late today.  With the move to Texas we don’t tend to get stuck as late as we used to but there was some stuff going on today and I just ended up staying late.

I got home and we decided to go out to IHOP tonight to use our free dinner coupons that we had received after the issue that we had last week down in Le Marque, Texas.  It took us a little bit of work to figure out how to get to the IHOP even after we had seen it from the road because it is on a side road but the drive around looking for it turned out to be really fruitful as there were a large number of restaurants and shops hiding on this side road that we got to drive by and check out.

Dinner was good.  We didn’t have any meal to modify to really test out the IHOP as the specials that we had wanted are no longer available but we did enjoy our dinner.  While we were at dinner, Liesl did her very first colouring with crayons!  She thought that that was great fun.  She held a red crayon in her right hand and a green one in her left and attempted to scribble on her placemat.

We also wrote Liesl’s name down for her in crayon and told her that it was her name.  She pointed to it and then pointed to herself several times.  She clearly grasped the idea that the word was her name!  She clapped and clapped after that.  This is a major milestone.

After dinner we stopped by Super Walmart that is right next door there by the highway and Dominica did some really quick grocery shopping while I waited in the car with Liesl and Oreo who had both fallen asleep.  I did some work from my BlackBerry while waiting for Dominica to finish her shopping.

We got home and I had to sign in to the office and do some quick work and then I got some time with Liesl already asleep to actually do some real work.  I did some work moving a Windows 2008 R2 Server around behind the new Vyatta router that I built over the weekend and deployed certificate services in the hopes of getting a PKI infrastructure set up that I can use to back the Vyatta router to do VPNs.  Should be pretty cool once I get it working.

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