January 13, 2010: Quiet Night at Home

Another awesome day in North Texas.  Sun was up and bright and it was a nice, warm walk to the office.   I was actually up quite early this morning.  I started working from home at six thirty and put in almost three hours before going in to the office around nine after getting my coffee and walking Oreo.  Dominica and Liesl were just up as I was leaving.

I was doing some searching for other things today and noticed that I had an article picked up by Enterprise Storage Forum: RAID Levels Explained.  The same article was picked up by Enterprise IT Planet too.  Another article, Virtualization: An In-Depth Overview was picked up by Small Business Computing.  It is neat seeing that a lot of publications think that I am worth reprinting.  Of course, I don’t get paid for each one, my publisher owns the rights during the republishing period, but it is still encouraging and a nice compliment.  I wish that the told me when they did it so that I could link to them though!

Kind of a busier day at the office today.  Since coming to Texas things have been far busier than they were in New York because I am filling my day with training now that I was not doing previously.  Before coming to the Irving office I was not even aware of who the new people on my team were so I was completely out of the loop.  Now I am right in the thick of things and am tuned in to all of the goings on at the office.

For lunch today I went over to the Chaat Cafe.  The meal was cheap and the food wasn’t bad but it definitely was quite far from what we normally consider to be Indian food.  There was no one visibly Indian working at the restaurant and the food was kind of what you would expect from Indian food prepared in Texas.  Sort of Indian food like but bland and toned way down for the Texan palette.  Not very impressive.  We will probably eat there from time to time but we are not nearly as excited as we were before when we thought that we had real Indian food right in our parking lot.

Back to the office after lunch.  It is overcast today but still pretty warm.  Quite comfortable for being outside without a jacket.

I ended up working relatively late tonight.  Nothing exciting to report.  I walked back to the apartment and we spent the evening in.  We both kind of felt like going out to eat but neither really wanted to go through the effort.  So we just stayed in and had veggie cold cut sandwiches.

Liesl and Oreo are both struggling with the adjustment to living in Texas.  Likely the constant upheaval has contributed quite a bit to them being restless and sleep schedules being all screwed up and everything.  So staying in and getting sleep whenever possible is good.

Liesl actually fell asleep decently early tonight for the first time in probably a week.  Pheww.  We got some quiet time.  I worked from my laptop while Dominica watched HGTV.  Then it was off to bed at a reasonable hour.  Oreo had snuck away and went to bed at like seven in the evening.

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