January 15, 2010: Really Long Day

Very little to report today.  It is a crazy busy Friday at work.  I got up and got in early again to the office like I did yesterday.  Too much to do to be at home.

For lunch today some of the team drove out to Panera Bread to get their Friday clam chowder in a bread bowl which is awesome.  I picked up lunch for Dominica as well and delivered it back to her on our way back to the office.  It is so handy living so close!

Work was incredibly long today.  At the moment I am the only acting primary SA or senior for our group at work – anyone else who would be in the position for principle support is either off to another team, on to another career, on vacation, busy coordinating relocation, etc.  So I am going crazy with work covering the entire environment.  I will be covering all of Linux for quite a while but the last few days and part of next week, at a minimum, I am covering all of Solaris as well.  Thousands of servers.

So I ended up working an extremely long day today.  I worked until around nine in the evening plus had to do quite a bit of class work for RIT.  My second paper was due for the class tonight so I stayed late at the office to finish it up there in the quiet rather than going home and not being able to get it done because of the noise and interruptions.  Getting it done at the office made things go much faster and actually gave me more time to spend with the family.

When I wrapped up with work and my paper it was raining pretty hard so I had Dominica drive over with Liesl and pick me up at the office.  We just went home and had a quiet evening together at home.  I just had a $2.50 Tony’s thin crust cheese pizza for dinner and hung out with Liesl for a while.

I read a bit in my new “Understanding the Linux Kernel” book but Liesl was very active all evening so there was very little opportunity to read.  Liesl ended up staying up until around one in the morning which is a bit of a problem.  Her schedule is getting later and later making things really tough for us.

Tomorrow morning I have a bit of work to do and then we are hopping in the car and driving on down to League City to spend the holiday weekend with the family.

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