January 16, 2010: Driving Down to League City

Finally Dominica and I got a chance to sleep in some this morning.  It is Saturday and Liesl was up until one this morning so she was happy to sleep in late this morning and we were happy to do so as well.

Once we got up, I got to work for the office.  There is a lot to be done today.  I am still the only person really providing coverage so I am handing one page after another as every alert ends up coming my way.  No rest for the weary.

It was around one in the afternoon when I finally got a break from the office and Dominica and I were able to load Liesl and Oreo into the car and get out on to the road heading from Irving to League City, Texas.  It is a good four plus hour drive down there.  There was some traffic in the Dallas area but the sun is out and the weather is perfect and the drive went pretty smoothly.

I had to respond to a lot of issues via BlackBerry even on the trip down to League City.  We arrived and met Francesca and Garrett at Waffle House and had dinner.  After eating we went on to the Grices’ just for fifteen minutes to change Liesl, feed Oreo, drop off our stuff and then we drove on down to Bayou Vista where everyone else was already hanging out at Joe and Brittany’s house.

I had to set up and get right to work once we arrived as there were issues waiting for me to investigate.  I put in a few hours of working while the family hung out.  At least I am able to set up in the middle of the dining area so that I am in the middle of things.

It was around eleven when we got back to the Grices’ and were able to get to sleep.  Tomorrow Dominica is taking Emily and Madeline to the movies to see the new Chipmunks movie.

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