January 17, 2010: Spending Time with Furniture

I am was very, very happy to be able to really sleep in this morning.  Oreo and I snuggled as long as we could.  I had my two BlackBerrys so I just worked from them for as long as possible.  I have really been needing some extra sleep.

I am working today, as I always do on Sunday, but I am anticipating a very slow day since tomorrow is a bank holiday for the US markets.  That means that only foreign markets and FX trading is really going on this evening.

Work was slow today and I was able to work mostly from the BlackBerry and the laptop in the living room.  For breakfast/lunch, Dominica, Liesl, Francesca, Madeline, Emily, Garrett and I went out to Denny’s.

This afternoon Dominica took Madeline and Emily out to the movies to see Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeaquel and Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.  I really dislike going to the movies and did not want to leave since I had to work and Liesl was staying behind and we do not get as much time together as we used to before I was going in to the office every day so I stayed behind with Francesca and Bennie watching Liesl and Garrett.

It is great to finally be back into the habit of writing SGL updates as they happen rather than playing catch up all of the time.  I even got time today to get caught up a bit on the SpiceWorks Community too.

For dinner we went out to Mamacita’s for real Mexican food.  The food was great.  We had the fish tacos and they were definitely some of the best fish tacos that Dominica and I have ever had.  We hope that we can find some really good Mexican food in Irving.

After dinner it was back to the Grices’ house.  We were only there for a little bit when I decided that I wanted wine and there wasn’t any so Emily and I ran to Target to pick up a cube of pinot gris (the call it grigio, but only Italians are supposed to call it that.)  I found a $1 pack of Animal Planet land animal picture flash cards for Liesl as well.  She loves flash cards.  So I grabbed that for her.  Emily got a $1 flower pot of forget-me-nots.  She has never grown anything before so this is a first for her.  I can’t imagine being eight and not having grown anything.  I guess growing up on a farm changes your perspective on the world.  Gardens, planting, etc. was just a part of life.

As soon as we got back to the house, Emily and I planted her forget-me-nots.  The dehydrated soil was to be put in water and magically inflated itself.  That was really cool.  Emily and I both agrees that watching that alone was worth the $1.  Now she has a bit of waiting to do on her flowers, though.  She was expecting to have flowers tomorrow.  She is going to be pretty disappointed, I think.

I spent the evening doing some writing and drinking some Pinot Gris while everyone watched some television.  Dominica and I are really enjoying being someplace with furniture!

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