January 19, 2010: Back to Work

Back to work today but it is a four day work week (whatever that means, a six day work week I guess is more likely.)  It was a gorgeous, sunny day when I woke up.  This is the warmest that it has been since summer in New York.

Dominica made me my coffee and off to work I walked.  With a day like today it is really hard to believe how cold it was here just a week ago.  That does not seem feasible.  It is no wonder that everyone was so shocked by how cold it was.

Slow morning, just the usual stuff at work.  I walked back home for lunch.  Dominica cooked lunch at the apartment and I walked Oreo.  Liesl had fallen asleep just before I got home so I just ate my lunch and came back to work since she was not there to hang out with and Dominica and I couldn’t even really talk to each other for fear of waking her up.  So I figured that it would make more sense for me to get work done rather than just sitting around at home (or standing, as we have no furniture.)

It was a busy afternoon at work and it was evening before I even realized.  I am finding that my days just fly by recently.

I am on the “late Fed shift” this week which means that I need to stay at the office until around seven every evening to babysit the systems until everything closes down for the day.

Once I got home, which was quite late, we decided that we wanted to get Thai from Blu Ginger so we called over and order and I walked over to pick it up.  We are loving having them next door.  They are our new neighbourhood restaurant.  Fortunately Thai food is pretty healthy so that will work out well for us in the long run.

Liesl, lacking a house of things to do, is very clingy, especially when we are eating or working, so my usual mode of operation in the evenings is to eat while holding her which can be quite challenging when attempting to eat off of a low counter while using chopsticks on pad Thai.  I am sure honing my chopstick skills.

Our evenings have been really exhausting lately.  Liesl is refusing to go to bed, or at least to stay asleep, at night even though she is completely exhausted.  So we end up staying up hours and hours after we want to have gone to bed both because we have no way to go to bed while Liesl is still awake and also because there is so much work to do that can’t be done until she falls asleep so we don’t tend to get to sleep until an hour or two after Liesl falls asleep which is often midnight or later.

This evening Dominica helped me proof read my latest article for Datamation, the online technology magazine, so that I am ready to turn it in tomorrow.  I had been working on it a bit yesterday and the day before while we were out of town but had not had the time to sit down and really get it tweaked and ready for publication until tonight and even tonight has been pretty tough because I am so tired.  It is very hard to write coherently when you are so tired.

I also managed to get caught up on my class at RIT completely today.  I have my midterm due this weekend on Saturday evening but that is not looking to be too bad and I am hopeful that I will actually have it done during the week rather than waiting until the last second.  I already have this week’s regular work completed and have nothing backlogged so I am about five to six days ahead of the game – perfect for getting my midterm paper in ahead of time and having some time to relax this weekend.  We just passed the halfway point of the class over the weekend so I am on the long, home stretch now.  (I guess technically it is not the home stretch until the final quarter of the class, in actuality.)

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