January 20, 2010: Email Architecutre Article Posted

My latest article about choosing an email architecture for your business was published by Internet.com’s Datamation Magazine today: “Cloud vs. In-House: Choosing an Email Solution” so please go check it out and help support SGL and my writing career.  The article was the top headliner of the day.

Overall it was a busy day at work, as every day has been since the financial freeze has ended, but nothing too much to report.  For lunch the guys went out to Mi Cocina (which probably means “My Kitchen” but can mean “My Caboose”, which is much funnier.)  The food there was excellent.  I try the fish tacos wherever I go and these were definitely really good.  Very different from the style that we normally find.

I did, finally, manage to get most of my new employment paperwork sent in today.  Hopefully that means that I will be getting paid sometime in the not too distant future.  Hopefully, anyway.

After work, Ananth, who is in town just for the week hunting for an apartment, came over to our apartment to check the place out.  He is lucky to know tons of people in the area so that he can stop by and see real apartments with people already living in them and get first had accounts of how it has been in one place or another.

I spent most of this evening talking on the phone and hanging out with Liesl.  I talked to Andy for several hours and then talked to dad for a while as well.  Liesl spent quite a bit of time talking on the phone to her grandfather as well.  She likes to hold the phone and walk around the house talking into it.  She is getting pretty good at using it like a real phone.

Dominica has been on a book binge and spent the evening reading a novel on her Amazon Kindle.

Liesl had another of her super late nights.  She ended up staying up until around eleven thirty, I believe, and then, after we finally got her to go to bed in her pack and play in her own room, she got up around one in the morning and needed to be taken in to our room.

I had tons of stuff to do so ended up staying up until around four in the morning sitting at the little desk area in the living room.  I did get a lot of important work done, though, so it was, at least productive.

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