January 23, 2010: Going Out in Texas

This morning I had some work to do so I got up and worked for a few hours.  Once work was done Dominica, Liesl and I walked over to La Madeleine’s for breakfast crepes.  We loved them so much last night that we decided to just get them again this morning.  It was delicious.  We picked up some pastries for tomorrow’s breakfast as well since we were there.

After breakfast it was back to the house so that I could work for a while.  Today was not the busiest work day and I have been wanting to check out to see if there is a local Borders so I looked up the address of one on Royal several miles towards Dallas so we hopped into the car and headed east.

The drive out to Borders probably took twenty minutes at least which was much longer than we were anticipating.  We got out there and discovered that it was relatively small.  I went in and found that it has the smallest technology book section that I have ever seen in a Borders.  Very disappointing.  It took all of two minutes to determine that the selection there was useless and that I would not need to return to this store anytime soon.  Borders fail, Amazon win.  So I just ordered the book that I was interested in, the “OpenSolaris Bible”, from Amazon.

I did a price comparison between Barnes & Noble and Amazon on this book – after tax price difference was $22 on a $49 book!  Even having Amazon deliver to my door with two day shipping was that much less expensive.  Total price was like $52 versus $30!  I need to stop shopping anywhere except for Amazon.  And it costs me no gas or time to get it from Amazon either.

On the way back home we decided to make a quick run to the Corner Bakery or whatever it is called and we picked up some corn chowder bread bowls, yum.  We took them back home and just split one between us as it was getting a little late and we had dinner plans for tonight.

At about six o’clock this evening it suddenly occurred to me that my midterm for my class at RIT is due tonight!  Oops.  Just thirty minutes before needing to go meet our friends for dinner.  Not good.  Dominica was in the shower when I thought of it and I was watching Liesl so I could not start on it right away.  The moment that she was out of the shower I gave her Liesl and wrote as fast as I could.  We called our friends and delayed fifteen minutes and, in forty five minutes, I was able to complete the six page paper that I needed to hand in before eleven this evening – which I would never make otherwise as we were not likely to get home before then.

We drove out and met our friends at the Blue Mesa Grill which is about half an hour away from home in Las Colinas.  We had a really nice time hanging out and the food was really good too.  It was really nice to get out and hang out with people in Dallas.  This is our first time doing anything in the Dallas area since we arrived that wasn’t either work related or just hanging out on our own except for one very brief trip to borrow furniture which was rather utilitarian in nature.

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