January 22, 2010: Crepe Day

Friday.  Walked to work, busy day.  Same old, same old.  Still exhausted from the continuing lack of sleep from Liesl being awake all night.

Our new Friday lunch tradition at the office is going to Panera Bread for their Friday New England clam chowder in a bread bowl.  It is delicious and really cheap.  Even with me buying a large coffee it is only about $6.50 for my whole lunch.  Sure couldn’t do that in New York.  Dominica wanted the Mediterranean salmon salad so I picked up one and brought it home for her on the way back to the office.

I worked late but not terribly late tonight.  Dominica and Liesl spent the evening walking around Tuscan Villas exploring.  Dominica discovered that there is an elevator that she can use which makes life a lot more convenient when you have a stroller and are all by yourself.  They had a really good time exploring the gardens and finding the fountains that we have in our apartment complex.

After their evening of walking they walked over to the office to meet me out front and then we all walked home together.  We cut through the gardens so that they could show them to me and then we walked up to La Madeleine’s to get dinner.

Tonight we discovered the breakfast crepes filled with egg and topped with a mushroom cream sauce.  They were delicious.  We are definitely going to be getting these again.  After dinner we tried to go to Jamba Juice for drinks but they appeared to have closed early and we missed them.

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