January 5, 2010: First Day in the New Office

This morning was my very first time going in to the new Irving office.  It is awesome being able to walk into the office.  I have never really been able to do that before.  At least not since Pittsburgh.

The walk in only took a few minutes.  A very easy walk.  It is crazy how close we are living to work.

I had a good morning in the office.  For lunch I walked back to the apartment and had sandwiches there with Dominica, Liesl and Oreo.  I was able to spend my lunch break with Liesl and walk Oreo for Dominica so that she would not have to deal with walking Oreo with Liesl being left in the apartment.

I finally managed to deal with my immunizations for college today!  What a pain that has been.  After getting threats from health services, threats from the dean’s office, calling people and explaining the situation over and over again and then everyone acting like I am not responding to the notices even though I keep calling and calling.  It isn’t like I closed over Christmas break, they did!

After working and working to track down my records for the past few weeks and especially yesterday it finally turns out, today, that RIT decided to admit that since I was a completely distance student (like I have always been for the last three years) that obviously I don’t need to have immunization records on file.  Of course, I had asked if students who lived in countries that didn’t have those immunizations and were online students had to meet this insane requirement and had previously been told that it was a NY State requirement and of course they did.  So, obviously, that was a total lie to try to force me to provide records I cannot reasonably possess.

So after much paperwork and hustle I am not being kicked out of college for something that was not my fault and not a requirement of me at all.  RIT had been threatening to keep all of my tuition as well – a nice little scam that they have running.  Only students with enough wherewithal to really fight this process don’t lose tens of thousands of dollars to their little game.  I am really disgusted by how that entire process was handled.  I had called the health center with this information a month ago – the minute that they opened on the day that they notified me of the fake requirement – and had explained this all then and they have been giving me a runaround for a month!

I also managed to get my scholarship straightened out.  There was some serious miscommunication there and while I did lose about $1,000 I did not lose my complete scholarship.  One more thing ironed out and out of the way.  We are slowly chipping away at these things.

Weird note: The word “miscommunication” does not appear in my browser’s dictionary.  How can this be?  Isn’t this a very, very standard word?  I looked it up at Mirriam-Webster (okay, I hate all Websters dictionaries on principle but it was quick) and believe it or not, they claim that miscommunication has only been a part of the English lexicon since 1964?  Is that possible?  Anyone have an OED to verify that?

Tonight we decided to get Thai for dinner.  We walked over to the restaurant with Liesl.  It is so close it is barely a walk!  This is going to be great.  And it is warm enough that we only need to wear fleeces!  In January!  At night!

Dinner was awesome.  We went all out and had two entrees, two appetizers, Thai ice teams and even some Thai wine – which was very good.  Liesl had a great time throwing food all over the floor.  Argh.  If this had been Peekskill the bill would easily have been $120.  We got the bill and it was only $50!  I can’t believe how cheap Texas is.  This food was really excellent too.

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