January 6, 2010: Locked Out of the Office

Walked to work again today.  It is getting pretty cold down here in Texas.  We were not expecting it to be quite so freezing cold and we do not have warm jackets or anything so I am walking to work with just my fleece.  Not very much for blowing winds and temperatures dipping below twenty.  I was a mite chilly when I got to the office today but not too bad.  It is supposed to be very cold tomorrow though.

For lunch, two of us from the office decided to walk up to Blu Ginger, where Dominica, Liesl and I ate last night, and have lunch there.  We offered for several people from the office to join us but no one else was keen on walking around outside I guess.

We walked all the way to the restaurant when Dominica called to say that Oreo really needed me to run back and take him out.  So we made a pitstop back at the apartment to deal with Oreo.  Then on to lunch.

I discovered that not only does Blu Ginger have an awesome lunch but it is only $8 per person including a spring roll, soup and an entree!  Now that is cheap. Try doing that in New York.  I can’t believe how much less it costs to do things here.  We were expecting housing to be cheaper but the cost of food is really amazing.

We got food to go for Dominica too.  We delivered that back to the apartment and then walked back to the office.

Once we got to the office we discovered that there was no manager on site at that time to sign me back in and even though I had a pass for the day security was not going to let me back in to the building.  Um, good planning there.  They didn’t require this yesterday and don’t do this on Wall Street or in Tribeca, not sure why they do it here.

So, with nothing else to do, I walked back home again and spent the afternoon working from home.  Didn’t really end up being all that bad.

Tomorrow my priority is definitely getting my badge activated.  I am not going to go in until that is ready to be dealt with.  I can’t be walking around in the cold getting locked out as it starts getting colder here over the next few days.

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