January 9, 2010: Lots of Weekend Work for Me

I was up at a quarter till seven this morning so that I could get to work and do deployments.  I worked all morning for the office.  There is a lot going on today and it is going to be like this for a while.  I am rapidly getting more and more work handed to be at the office these days so my leisure time is going to quickly evaporate.

For breakfast this morning we ate quite a lot of delicious fruit from our Edible Arrangement that we had received.  Liesl is loving all of the fruit and she really likes her teddy bear that came with the arrangement as well.

Dominica Holding Edible Arrangement

Our new inflatable chairs arrived today as well. We are very excited to potentially have something on which to sit other than the one office chair that we practically fight over when we are both home. It isn’t even a nice office chair but just the cheapest thing that we could get.

This evening we went out to Target to do some utility shopping and to pick up more of their wine cubes which have proved to be quite the hit in our house.  We picked up a lot of things that we needed like more blankets, waste baskets, etc.

I ran into Barnes & Nobles just to get a quick glance at their IT book section but it was really weak and the prices are horrible – maybe thirty percent hire than Amazon and Amazon has no sales tax so why would I even think about doing that?

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