January 8, 2010: Firehouse Subs

It is the final Friday of the year end financial freeze.  At midnight, eastern time, tonight the freeze ends and the busiest financial IT season begins.

The financial freeze might be ended but the deep freeze of Texas is in full swing.  It is even colder today than yesterday and boy is it cold!  It his seventeen degrees today with a windchill of just two!  I was so cold today that we decided that Dominica should drive me into the office rather than have me walk.  It is supposed to be cold like this again tomorrow but then should not be so bad by Monday when I walk back into the office so well worth having Dominica get up and drive me today.

Work is still very, very slow.  Nothing is moving until tomorrow morning when I will be quite busy.  I am still doing training stuff in the office so there is a bit to do but there is not that much pressure.  We keep telling the new people how crazy it is going to be next week but I am not sure that they really believe us.  They all started during the time just before the freeze and were not really set up and working until the freeze was on and so they have never seen even the average workload.

For lunch, two of us drove out to Firehouse Subs on MacArthur Boulevard which was awesome.  They have a really amazing hot veggie sub there that is really impressive.  I am looking forward to going back there again.

An Edible Arrangement arrived today from a friend of mine that I know through SpiceWorks.  We met at the first SpiceCorps Houston group and he was very kind to welcome us to Texas with this massive fruit basket with a teddy bear for Liesl!

Very slow evening and then Dominica came and picked me up and we went out for shopping and dinner since everyone was already in the car.  We did some grocery shopping as we needed some basic supplies.

For dinner we stopped at 7 Salsas out on MacArthur.  It was quick and tasty and very cheap.  Under twenty dollars for Dominica and I to both have fish tacos!  We are loving Texas.

Tonight I finished reading the book “The Book of Xen” about Xen virtualization.  It is a very good book and covers a lot of good material on Xen administration.

Off to bed as early as possible tonight as I have to be up very, very early in the morning to deal with deployments for the Middle East.  They are chomping at the bit to get going with new projects once the freeze ends.  I have three completely unrelated projects lined up to have me work tomorrow.  Thus it begins…

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