February 13, 2010: Feeling Pretty Sick

Liesl was extremely restless and by around three thirty in the morning I was so awake that it was not worth attempting to go back to sleep again.  I tried for a while but by four I gave up and just got up.  I am very, very glad that I went to bed so early last night or I would be in horrible shape today.  I really need my sleep to fight this strep infection so getting less than five hours would have been really bad.

I was decently productive this morning. Having the house to myself for several hours helps although getting up so early is not good for long term productivity as I am very likely to be very tired by the middle of the day.

Today I spent the morning going downhill quite rapidly.  My strep quickly moved from being in my sinuses to being in my upper respiratory system.  I am really not doing well at all.  I started my series of antibiotics yesterday afternoon but there has not been enough time for it to really help by this morning.

I worked all morning for the office and then called it a day.  I spent the afternoon just being sick and sitting around the house.  Dominica and I watched a bit of television and discovered a “new” British show from iTV called Prehistoric which is very cheesy and poorly written and yet we are enjoying it.

My symptoms have changed today and I have a could have Scarlet Fever (aka scarletina.)  It is really hard to say and the treatment is the same so we aren’t about to go back to the doctor just to find out if the strep has matured to that stage or not.  Scarlet Fever is just a late stage of strep so it isn’t something that you catch but just something that happens if you don’t go to the doctor and get antibiotics in time.  I might have gone as much as five months with strep at this point.  I have been sick, possibly continuously, since going to Germany in September.  So there has been way more than enough time for strep to turn into Scarlet Fever.

Liesl seems to have shown a slight amount of improvement today.  Maybe she will be happy again soon.

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