February 14, 2010: Improvement, maybe.

Being a good generlist is a strategy that involves being a tactical specialist.

Went to bed really early yesterday.  Really early as you might have noticed from my very short post.  It was around six thirty when Oreo and I hit the sack.  I was out quickly.  Sick and exhausted.  Sleep was what I needed even more than the antibiotics.

I slept for a very, very long time and did not get up until almost ten this morning!  That was one long night of sleep.

I am still very, very sick today but I can tell that the long night has caused some improvement.  I worked today and we pretty much did nothing.  Just watched some Prehistoric and relaxed.  Dominica is not feeling so great today either.

It is a really good thing that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.  I am definitely not going to be feeling up for that for at least another day.

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