February 15, 2010: A Day to Relax

Today I am definitely showing a lot of improvement.  The antibiotics are making a difference.  I actually felt the turn happen yesterday afternoon.  Within an hour I went from massively sick to not feeling half bad.  I still have a horrible cough and can barely breath today because of it but the improvement is dramatic.

For the most part we took it easy today.    Watched a lot of Prehistoric and tried to get better.  I don’t have to work at all today so I got to hang out with Liesl a lot.

I did have some writing that has been needing my attention.  I have an article due for Datamation that I was supposed to get done this weekend but being sick I never even got a chance to look at it.  So I am attempting to get that done today.

This evening, in order to actually work, I ended up having to barricade myself into the bedroom and working with the laptop perched upon a barstool.  Oreo lay on the bed while I sat in an office chair typing on my laptop on a barstool.  It was an entertaining sight to behold, I am sure.

Dominica’s back is really bothering her this evening and we are concerned that it may mean that I cannot go to work tomorrow.  She had a really hard time watching Liesl this evening as she could get up to chase her or to pick her up.

I got most of my writing done tonight and I was able to watch Liesl again.  Luckily no homework due from me this week.  But my final is due this week so I have a lot of writing to do later in the week.

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