February 17, 2010: Maggie Comes to Visit

I drove to the office again this morning.  I still have a pretty bad cough.  Work was super busy, yet again.  This week has been awful thus far and looks like it is going to stay that way.

At lunch I drove home and dropped off the car.  We had sandwiches at the house and I played with Liesl.  Then I walked back to the office as it had warmed up a bit.  Finally the chance to walk again and get back into getting some exercise.  I have not really been able to walk for the past week and that does not make me happy.  I really need the walks to and from the office.  I feel much better when I walk back and forth all day.  I am not going to be happy when it is too hot to walk.

Work was incredibly busy today but I did not have to stay too late like I did last night.  Dominica was out shopping this afternoon and just got home around five.  She picked up a new entertainment center today at Walmart while she was out getting soda and snacks for this evening.  She also bought a vacuum cleaner which we desperately need.  It is awful buying yet another vacuum when we own several and just donated one.  Our collection just keeps growing no matter what we do.

I walked back home around six and spent an hour helping Dominica to clean as quickly as possible.  The apartment is looking pretty good.

Maggie, whom I know from SpiceWorks, SpiceWorld and SpiceCorps DFW, came over at seven.  She brought us our first houseplant and a new learning toy for Liesl with buckets and shapes that fit through a lid (I don’t describe children’s toys very well.)  Liesl had a lot of fun playing with her new toy right away and was able to fit the shapes through their slots in the bucket lid on the very first try!  She is really growing up.

We had a really good time hanging out.  Maggie’s husband had to work late and wasn’t able to make it to visit with her.  We ordered food from Blu Ginger and I walked over to pick it up.  We all had Pad Thai which was delicious as always.  We eat at Blu Ginger enough that the owner knows me now.

Maggie hung out until around midnight.  Then she went home and Dominica and I headed straight off to bed.

My latest article went in to Datamation tonight so I am hoping to see it “in print” tomorrow.

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