February 18, 2010: Thin Computing Article

My latest article, Trends in Thin Client Computing, was published on Datamation this morning.  I am the top headliner of the day and my article is also the top of the “Networking” section and my picture is on the “front page” today too.  Triple win for me.

The weather is much, much nicer today and I was able to walk into the office without a jacket.  It is amazing how rapidly you go from “too cold to walk” to “don’t need a jacket” in Dallas.

Work is continuing to be way too busy.  I am very much behind on SGL and I have some other writing that I am trying to get to plus this weekend I have to turn in my final for my class at RIT and getting time to do that is proving to be rather difficult.  I have to write a real paper by Saturday night.  Tomorrow night we are planning on driving down to Houston after work so my night is going to be really, really late.  Then Saturday morning I have a lot of work scheduled so my whole weekend is going to be crazy between work and paper to write.  No time off for me.

I tried to go out to lunch today but work was so busy that I missed going with John and was still stuck in a meeting when he got back.  I ended up just walking home after two in the afternoon!  I had a quick lunch with Dominica and Liesl.  We ate lunch while watching an episode of Primevil and then I walked back to the office.

The afternoon, what was left of it, was not as bad as it might have been and I was able to head home at six thirty.  I had tried to get out around five thirty but someone called and kept me on the phone for a really long time (for no reason, of course, and for an issue that wasn’t mine or even something that I could help with.)

We spent the evening relaxing.  I played with Liesl for hours.  She was in a great mood and wanted to play and snuggle for a long time.  We watched several episodes of Primeval and are into the third season now.  So far each season has gone downhill quite a bit from the previous season.  The very short first season really started off strong and had some serious potential.  We really liked where they were going.  Then after about six episodes they decided that they didn’t like the story and they pulled a bad plot device and “reset the universe” and started a new show at the beginning of the second season.  It appeared to be really going somewhere, although never as strong as the first season, and then in the third season they changed a whole bunch of things and made the show even cheesier than it was the first two seasons – which was hard to believe.  So the show is not holding out well at all.  It is sad because the first season did really good character development and while the writing was pretty bad it was enough to really hold your interest.

We went to bed around midnight.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, I can just tell.

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