February 25, 2010: Birthday #34

Well I am now officially thirty four years old.  This is also my tenth birthday to have been announced on Sheep Guarding Llama.  I have been blogging for almost one third of my life.  I have been blogging for more than one third of my life during which I knew how to write.  Someday there will be a large percentage of the population who have been blogging for their entire lives but I was blogging before the term existed so for people of my generation this is a really impressive figure.

I got a good night’s sleep last night.  Went to bed nice and early and did not get interrupted too much.  I didn’t get up until a quarter till eight this morning.  Then it was off to work.  I walked again today.  The weather is pretty nice.  Still a little chilly but the sun is out and the day is gorgeous.  Great weather for walking to work.

This morning was pretty slow and I managed to get my latest article “In House Email for Small Businesses” posted on SMB IT Journal.

Dominica made lunch on the early side today so just before noon I left the office and walked home and joined the family for lunch.  Liesl was awake which was a nice change and we spent my entire lunch break hanging out together at home.  That made the walk home well worthwhile today.  That was a lot of time with my daughter that I do not often get and that is good as I am going to be out of town this weekend and not get to see her all that much other than Saturday morning and Sunday night.

Work was pretty slow this afternoon.  All of the guys who are here from New York and New Jersey are snows in today.  The weather is great in Texas but the northeast is getting blasted with a “snowicane” – tons of snow and incredibly high winds.  Not fun at all.

Dominica went shopping at Kroger this evening and picked me up from work just after six.  Then we went out to Rockfish for some dinner since it is my birthday.

After dinner we came home and just relaxed.  I played with Liesl and Dominica played some Dragon Age: Origins.  I often prefer watching her play video games rather than watching a show because it doesn’t require very much of my attention and I can easily go read with Liesl or clean around the house or do whatever task needs to be done.

Liesl asked to go to bed for the first time ever today.  I said “Do you want to go to bed?” and she emphatically said “Yes” and so I carried her in and put her in her pack and play and she curled right up without any complaints at all!  Now this is some serious progress.

Unfortunately Liesl woke back up fifteen minutes later and stayed up for another two hours.  But at least there is progress and she is starting to learn how to communicate her need to go to sleep to us.

For my birthday I got a gift certificate to Casual XL Male (I desperately need more work clothes after more than a year or working from home!!) and Dominica ordered me Final Fantasy XIII from Amazon which is due to arrive on release day which is March 9th.  We got the PS3 version of the game since no one has listed a reason to get the XBOX 360 version yet but the PS3 version fits all on one BluRay rather than three DVDs.

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