February 26, 2010: SCO’s Ongoing Disaster

It was an uneventful morning.  Got up and went into the office.  I was able to walk today, the weather is a little chilly but not too bad.  Still just wearing a fleece.  Back “home” in the northeast everyone is getting pounded with snow and wind.

So in legal news today, SCO – the company that has been bankrupt for forever and just runs around suing anyone and everyone claiming that they own the entire universe and constantly losing horribly in court and being unable to settle their legal debts – has now decided to not pay their attorneys.  Now honestly, can we feel bad?  These lawyers were aggressively attacking innocent people and companies on behalf of SCO and working to keep a parasitic  and evil company functioning longer in the attempt to lash out and hurt the American public.  So no pity from me.  And really, who couldn’t see this coming?  Did these lawyers really think that SCO was going to pay no one else but would pay them?  Ha ha.  That’s not how this game works.

Work was pretty busy today.  We still had “visiting dignitaries” at the office today so instead of casual Friday it was “dress up” Friday.

For lunch three of us went to Schlotzsky’s Deli to which I have never been before.  They have a veggie sandwich that was pretty good.  Nothing really special for a vegetarian but it was decent.  Now I know that that is a place that I can eat at from time to time.  That is always an issue being a vegetarian.  You never know when you will find something to eat at a new place.  It makes you think twice before trying out a new place.

This afternoon was very, very busy.  Hardly a free moment at all.  It was crazy up until a quarter after five and then everything just died down all of a sudden.  By six I decided that things were so slow that I could head for home.

I got home and discovered that the apartment was empty.  Dominica had neglected to tell me that she was going out shopping.  That would explain why there was no answer when I called home to find out if she wanted to go out to dinner this evening.  I was home for probably forty five minutes or so before she called to find out if I was still at work or not – her plan had been to pick me up and go out to dinner.

I was already in my pajamas for the evening but I changed back into normal clothes and then the family picked me up and we went out to get On the Border.  We decided that we just wanted to get take away (I probably should have just stayed at home now that I think about it) and while we waited for that to be ready we ran over to PetsMart and go Oreo’s toenails trimmed which he desperately needed to have done.

We came back home and ate dinner and watched some Netflix on demand movies.  It was a pretty slow evening.  Nothing eventful.  Liesl stayed up way too late tonight.  It was around midnight or later when she finally was able to fall asleep on my lap.  I have to be up early tomorrow so I had been hoping to get to bed quite early tonight.  That never works out for me.

Tomorrow I have to be up bright and early to do deployments again.  My Saturdays are really just an extension of Friday night.  So no extra rest for me.  My alarm is set for six forty five.

Tomorrow afternoon, after work is done, I am driving down to Austin where I will be picking up Brian from the airport and getting a chance to go out drinking a little on the town.  We are staying there on Sunday night and then driving up to Irving on Sunday afternoon after stopping at Round Rock Donuts to stock up on the world’s best fried pastry treats.

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