February 5, 2010: Apparently Not Feeling Better

This morning I thought that I was feeling a bit better and got up and walked into the office.  The morning went well and I did not get the impression that I was not doing okay.  I was clearly still sick and very congested but I felt better than yesterday and thought that I was on the slow road to recovery.  Wrong.

While I was at the office this morning Dominica went out shopping to Best Buy to take advantage of the pre-Super Bowl sales and picked up a 40″ 1080p LCD display for $450.  We just could not pass up that deal.  The television had gotten some pretty good reviews too.  No one was claiming that it was as good as a Samsung or anything like that but that it worked well and was amazingly good considering the price at which it was being sold.  The sale was only going to last until tomorrow so she ran right out to pick it up.

Dominica also hunted around and found a GameStop that had the new, slim 120GB PS3 in stock as a lot of places were out of stock on them and got that too so that we will be able to watch DVDs, BDs, Netflix and play some games again.  We have Dragon Age: Origins for the PS3 sitting on the shelf in the house taunting us and we both want to play it so this will work out well.  That game is supposed to be huge so we will easily be able to make due without any other games for the entire time that we live in Tuscan Villas without ever needing to play anything else.  It would be amazing if we got through that game in a year so we have a lot of buffer.

On her way back to the apartment Dominica picked me up from the office.  It was about twelve thirty so perfect timing for lunch.  We went out to On The Border as I was in the mood for a “traditional” fish taco.  On The Border had several new menu items that worked for us vegetarians which was very exciting.  I got the grilled mahi mahi fish tacos and Dominica got an avocado enchilada which was excellent.

After lunch we stopped back at the house so that I could help Dominica unload the car.  We had just walked back to the apartment from the car with Liesl and Oreo and had not moved anything yet when I went into the bathroom to blow my nose – which I have to do quite frequently since I have a sinus infection.

While blowing my nose I suddenly got the “fuzzy” feeling in my left ear just like I do when I get high blood pressure or if I am going to pass out.  Then, almost instantly, the world started spinning like crazy and I grabbed the sink and went to floor as fast as I could.  I had no way to keep my balance and thought that I was going to be sick but figured that I would black out before actually getting sick.

I put my head down on the floor and breathed heavily and was able to hold on to consciousness and after a minute was able to stumble into the bedroom and lay on the bed for a little bit.  Dominica was in the other bathroom and did not know what had happened.  I was laying on the bed with Liesl jumping on me when she came out and I explained what had happened.

So so much for feeling better.  Now I am feeling like total crap.  I did not end up passing out but now I have a migraine and my whole head just feels awful.  I had left my SafeWord at the office and I cannot work from home without it so I did not really have the option of just staying at home but I sure could not walk back to the office either.

Dominica drove me back to the office just long enough for me to go in and get my SafeWord and to let the guys at the office know that I was really sick and would be working from home for the rest of the day.  Then back to the house.

I worked a normal busy Friday evening.  Dominica cooked dinner and we just ate in.  After worked wrapped up I focused on writing my paper for RIT.  That took an hour or two.  This is the last of the three reflection papers that I have to do for class.  I am now seventy percent through the main body of the class (will be eighty percent tomorrow after I complete the homework for this week), have done the midterm and the three reflection papers.  All that is left is a few weeks of class discussions and the final project – which I hope to start working on this week and maybe even complete.

After my paper was done and submitted we sat down with our new television and Sony PS3 and popped in the final disc of the first season of Torchwood.  We have been waiting more than a month now, almost two in fact, to watch the last two episodes of the first season and it has been driving us crazy.  So now we finally know how the first season ends.  That show is awesome.  We are looking forward to getting the second season now.  We are also going to try the Sarah Jane Adventures which is the third portion of the new Doctor Who universe.  The other two shows are so good we really want to check it out as well.

By the time we were done with all of that it was a little late and quite time for bed.  I originally had quite a lot of work to do tomorrow morning but my boss did it for me tonight and I now I get to sleep in and relax a bit in the morning.  While I like getting the overtime I really do need some time to relax and sleeping in is very important.  Tomorrow should be a relaxing day now.  Dominica is looking forward to that as well.  We are visiting family in Arlington in the afternoon.

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