February 4, 2010: Furniture and SpiceCorps Dallas

I am home sick today.  Just a sinus infection,  I think, but quite a bad one.  Liesl was really  that I was staying home today.  It has been a long time since I stayed home with her during the week and we really miss the time together.  I try to come home for lunch most days but often she is asleep when I do and we get nearly no time together and sometimes none at all.  So even though I am sick this makes for a very nice day.

We are very excited as our furniture is coming today.  We have been a full month now without any and it has been really hard.  Although, in reality, it is amazing how quickly this month has passed.  We have been living pretty Spartan up until now.

Today actually wasn’t too busy at the office.  Being home helps as I get many fewer questions when not physically sitting with people.  But it was a relatively quiet day as well.

We waiting all day for the furniture and it did not end up arriving until quite late – nearly five o’clock.  It is very exciting though, we got a “new” couch, chair and coffee table.  Definitely nothing fancy but very serviceable and once we sat on it we decided that we are pretty sure that we are going to want to keep these pieces once we try to get our own house after we are done renting the apartment.

I had a SpiceCorps call at five which overlapped with the furniture delivery.  A busy evening.  I had to cut the call short so that I could run out to go to SpiceCorps Dallas which is being held in Las Colinas, just minutes away.

I got to the Aloft, where the meeting was being held, at a quarter after six.  Not as early as I had hoped but not a bad time.  Given that I am sick and that it has been a very busy evening it was as good as could be hoped for, I think.

The meeting went really well this evening, I think.  We only had nine attendees which was about what I had expected.  We had only had nine confirmed people coming so really I think that we did really well.  It is the first meeting since August so all of the momentum from the first meeting has been lost and we are effectively starting over so it will take a while to pick up steam and convince people that this is really going to be happening.

We were really fortunate this evening to be sponsored by the nice people at Rackspace.  Rackspace paid for the venue, pizza for dinner, snacks, soda and even an open bar!  They also gave a presentation on what Rackspace is doing in the hosted apps arena which went over quite well, I thought.

It was a good evening and we are planning for another meeting the second week of May.  I’m not sure how late we stayed at the meeting tonight.  Not real late as far as I could tell.  Maybe nine o’clock.  Then I drove back home.

Dominica had set up her laptop on the coffee table so that she could watch DVDs from the couch.  Liesl had gone to bed just ten minutes before I got home so I did not get to see her this evening at all although I did see her all day.

We tried to go to bed early tonight, around ten, but we discovered that Oreo had had an accident on the bed!  He has been having a really tough time transitioning down here in Irving.  We aren’t sure if he is scared, confused or if he has some sort of infection or some combination but he has been having a record number of accidents and it is becoming a real problem.  We have no idea what to do.  We have figured out that we get almost no warning anymore and often he has an accident in the hallway while taking him out.  In fact, just the other day he barely made it to the stairs and peed all of the way down the third floor stairs in the apartment building and a yellow rain fell on people down below!  Luckily Dominica was able to shout a warning that time and everyone was able to take cover before actually getting hit but boy was it every close.

Oreo got much of our bed dressings this time and we don’t have anything on which to sleep so at eleven at night Dominica went down to do the laundry.  Not what we were hoping to do tonight.  I stayed up with her until around one in the morning but being sick and needing to get to work tomorrow I really needed to get some sleep.  It would be at least another hour before the laundry would be done for the night.  At least there is a laundry room on our floor just down the hall but not having a washer and dryer in the apartment is pretty crappy at moments like this.

Oreo and I went to bed at one – we didn’t have bed dressings so I had to just lay on one sheet and roll up in one cover to try to keep warm.  Without my puppy snuggles it would have been far too cold.  Dominica came to bed around two.  She did the same thing as we were too exhausted to get up and to make the bed in the middle of the night.  It will be a rather uncomfortable night, I suspect.

Tomorrow I am going back into the office.  Much to do.  I need to get my final reflection paper done for my class at RIT tomorrow so that will help to make it a rather busy day no matter what else is going on.  We are talking about getting a television now as well.  We really need something in our empty apartment.

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