February 7, 2010: Anti-Super Bowl Party

Dominica was actually up before me this morning and was already deep into Dragon Age: Origins before I came out into the living room.  Liesl was up before either of us running around terrorizing the house.  She had gone to bed many hours before we had last night.

My day was spent working for the office, which was pretty good today, and working on migrating a Subversion repository from one Linux server to another.  Migrating Subversion is really easy but I had the added complication of doing so while also migrating the Active Directory system, and version, against which the repository would authenticate.

Dominica played DAO all day.  She is really into this game.  I am not sure that I have ever seen her get into any video game this much.  Not that she plays that many video games but from time to time she does and this is the most involvement I have ever noticed.

Liesl and I got a lot of time to play today while Dominica played her game.  We are loving having the furniture.  Dominica and Oreo are able to sit on the couch while I sit in the armchair with my laptop.  Makes a great change from sitting at the desk every moment that I am at the house.

Watching DAO was very entertaining.  It is definitely well written and can be watched much like watching a very long and slow movie.  There appears to be a ton of character development and good plot.  I only get to pay occasional attention but when I do it appears to be pretty deep.  I am looking forward to getting to play it although I have no idea when I will get that chance between all of the work that I have to do and Dominica attempting to hog the game.

Liesl took a late nap this afternoon.  When she woke up we got dressed and I wrapped up work and we hit the road to drive up to Allen, Texas to go visit the Kimberlins for an alternative party (as opposed to a Super Bowl Party.)  If we hadn’t mentioned that this was an alternative to the Super Bowl we would not have even known that it was on this weekend.

We had a really nice time just hanging out and visiting for several hours.  Oreo slept in the car – he just can’t be trusted to be on anyone’s carpeting these days – and Liesl had a great time being the center of attention.  We managed to completely avoid any talk of football.  Since I have no idea when the Super Bowl is played it is easier since I have no idea if it is even on or not.

At nine-ish we were all hungry so tried going out to eat.  We went to Mimi’s but they were closed.  I guess it is rather late for a Sunday evening.  So we hunted around and found an upscale Cajun place that was still open.  Actually they weren’t open but they let us in before the waiter realized that we were closed so we were allowed to eat there anyway.

Dinner was quite nice.  It is not often that we get upscale Cajun cuisine so it made for a change of pace.  My father would be very jealous of crawfish bisque.  We all decided to get the Tilapia Supreme for dinner as well.

After dinner we came back to the apartment and I got back to work on my Subversion / Active Directory issues and Dominica played a few more hours of Dragon Age: Origins.  I stayed up as late as I could for her but once eleven o’clock came around I was worthless and decided that I just had to head off to bed.  Dominica decided that she was really tired too and came to bed just minutes after me.  Liesl had fallen asleep on the drive home and was completely passed out.

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