February 8, 2010: Wake Up In the Morning…

Liesl had a really rough, restless night.  We barely got any sleep.  By four in the morning I decided that there was no getting back to sleep and any attempt to do so would be a complete waste of time so I just got myself up and got busy getting ready to face the day.  I showered, made my coffee, took out the recycling, walked Oreo and walked into the office.  It was a nice drizzle when I left the house but halfway to the office it turned into a downpour and my windbreaker was unable to hold off the water.  I was soaked by the time that I got to the bottom of the hill.

The fact that my shoes are old and the bottoms are split open did little to help the situation.  I wasn’t even across the street before they had wicked the muddy street water straight up to the bottoms of my feet and my socks were drenched.  I ran across the lawn at work and, being that it was dark, I hadn’t realize that the grass was actually concealing standing water until it was way too late.

It was six when I got into the office.  I thought about kicking off my shoes to let my socks dry out but decided against it.  I put in an hour or two before anyone else arrived in the office.  The guys did breakfast down at the cafeteria – breakfast burrito for me.  John keeps datil pepper sauce at his desk so I had some of that.  Yummy.

Work has been really, really busy.  It was quite bad timing that I was out sick so much last week.  Not that I stopped working but it definitely slowed me down a lot.  So getting caught back up is really hard.

For lunch today John and I went to Rockfish on MacArthur which turned out to be really good.  They have an awesome fish menu with tons of different fish prepared numerous ways.  I think that Dominica and I will be frequenting this place to be sure.  We really need a place like this with all of the fish that we eat.

The afternoon was insanely busy at work.  I was physically in the office for thirteen hours today.  Ugh.  I drove home after work having picked up the car on my way back from lunch.  Too much rain to be walking, I learned a little too late.

This evening was super short.  After work I met Brian at Mike’s Jersey Subs right next to our apartment and we picked up sandwiches there.  Then we went to the apartment to eat.  Jersey Mike’s makes some really good subs and they really cater to vegetarians which is nice.  They go way out of their way to make sure that no meat comes anywhere close to their veggie subs.

Brian didn’t hang out for too long.  Very hard to hang out at our house when I have just gotten home from work.  Oreo needs to be walked, food needs to be eaten and Liesl needs her daddy.  Liesl does not like me going to the office all day at all.  And these days I never get to work from home just because there is so much to do that really demands my presence in the offfice.

After Brian left I watched Liesl and Oreo while Dominica ran out to Kroger’s to do some emergency grocery shopping.  She was gone for about two hours.  Liesl and I had a nice time hanging out together.

It was off to bed early for me tonight.  As soon as Liesl fell asleep, which was around ten, I was off to bed myself.  Dominica stayed up for several more hours playing Dragon Age: Origins.  Oreo, of course, came and snuggled with his daddy.  Dominica is way ahead of me now in the game and I have no idea what is going on in it – which is good because when I go to play it myself I won’t know every little thing that might happen.

We decided tonight that there is just no way for me to be able to go down to Houston this weekend for Madeline’s tenth birthday party.  Originally I was planning to go but work has been so crazy and I have been so sick that I am quite desperate to get the time at home this weekend and really having Dominica and Liesl leave me for a few days works out pretty well. I can do a lot of catch up with just Oreo to hang out with me.

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