January 25, 2010: Big Liesl Development Day

It is Monday so it is back to the office.

This evening I spent quite a while reading with Liesl.  She has started doing a new thing where she brings me a book and now, instead of just handing me the book and waiting for me to pick her up or whatever, she snuggles with me on her own while I read.  So I was laying on the air mattress on the floor and she would get up and bring me book after book and hand them to me then turn around and plop herself down against my shoulder between my head and my arm.

We also read in the big closet for a while.  She found several “new” books that I have not read with her before and we read one after another.  We found one new word book that is just several pages of big pictures of objects with their names on them to help her learn to identify objects and words.  We started just looking at it and, like I do with one of her other books, I go around the page pointing and saying the name.  Tonight, for the first time, she started pointing directly at the items on the page.

Very quickly she figured out the pointing thing and that I would say the thing that she was pointing at.  So she started a new game of pointing from one object to another with great rapidity.  What was amazing was that she was pointing dead on each time.  We did this for several minutes and she had a lot of fun.  It is so cool watching her develop day by day.  She is growing up so quickly.

We watched some of the fourth season of the new Doctor Who tonight.  This season is really awesome.  It must be the best one yet although I think that “Blink” remains my favourite episode.  Strangely, it is also the episode that Dominica cannot watch because she finds it so scary.  This is weird since I hate horror movies and she is oddly drawn to them.

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