January 26, 2010: Liesl’s First Ear Infection

This morning Liesl woke up extremely congested and really not sounding good at all.  Dominica decided right away that she needed to go see the doctor today as soon as we could get her in.  Liesl does not have a local pediatrician here in Texas yet so we decided to try out an urgent care facility instead.

I went to work to get as much done as I could before the doctor’s appointment.  Dominica went online and did some research and found a facility and talked to them and found out that we could just walk in.  So she got Liesl and herself ready to go and then drove over to the office to pick me up around ten in the morning.

The urgent care facility closest to us was over in Grapevine which was only about fifteen minutes away.  It was very easy to get there and we were able to walk right in waiting only five minutes or so.

The doctor saw right away that Liesl has an acute ear infection in her left ear.  She has minor signs of inflammation in her right ear but nothing of concern.  But the left ear is really, really bad and he is confident that that explains all of the problems that she has been having for quite some time with the irritability, sleep issues, cough, congestion and more.  While it is awful having her have a really bad ear infection it is great that it is something that we now know and something that can be addressed.

Liesl got a prescription for amoxicillin, to which we hope she is not allergic, and we were on our way in no time.  We decided that it was almost lunch time and that it would make more sense for us to just go out for lunch and to get the prescription filled rather than taking me straight back to work.  So we returned to Las Colinas and went to CVS on MacArthur Boulevard and then stopped at Taco Diner to get some lunch.

Taco Diner was pretty decent.  It is not like it sounds, it is actually a decently fancy restaurant.  It is a Mexico City style Taqueria.  Huge selection of tacos, that is for sure.  Two different fish tacos but neither in a style that I am really into but Dominica really liked them so I am sure that we will be back.  Taco Diner is part of the Mi Cocina family.

After lunch we picked up Liesl’s medicine and Dominica dropped me back at the office.  It was just noon when I got back so it worked out pretty well that really I had just taken an early lunch.  So I covered the office during the normal lunch hours.

After work I went over to Mike’s Jersey Subs on the way home and picked up dinner for myself.  I talked to Andy for a while while I was walking over to the shop and before getting dinner.  I hardly get any chance to talk to anyone now that I am down in Texas.  Being never at home makes it tough.

Liesl seemed to be in a slightly better mood tonight although it is impossible to tell.  I sat on the floor for hours and played with her and Oreo.  Oreo wanted to play fetch for the longest time.  He is really acting like a puppy tonight.

Liesl continued her new behaviour from last night and kept bringing books over to me.  Then she would hand me the book, turn around and plop down into my lap and giggle.  Then we would read the book and go through her flash cards.  Then she would get up, find the next book or flash cards, then we would do it again.

We watched some more of Doctor Who tonight.  Boy is the fourth season good.  We watched several episodes before going to bed.  Liesl actually went to bed at a halfway decent time tonight so our fingers are crossed that she is feeling a little better.

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