March 1, 2010: Doughnut Day

This morning I got up and walked into the office carrying three dozen doughnuts from Round Rock Donuts.  People have been waiting for a long time to get to try these.  We figured out that if you microwave them for ten seconds they are almost just like fresh.  Not quite the same as getting them down in Round Rock but still way better than normal doughnuts.

It ended up being a crazy doughnut day as someone else in the office brought in two dozen doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts this morning as well so we had five dozen altogether not including the almost one dozen that I left back at the house that Dominica and Brian tore through today while I was at work.

We ate a ton of doughnuts today.  Once we figured out how to microwave them we just ate them all day.  For lunch Brian drove over and picked up John and I and we went to Rockfish.

This evening, after work, I walked home the leftover doughnuts as Dominica was desperate to get more of them – she had finished off the box that I had left for her (it had not been entirely full, but still) and wanted more.  Liesl had started trying them as well and liked them.  My daughter is going to be very, very spoiled – her first taste of doughnut was a Round Rock Donut!

This evening we went out and did some really quick shopping at Walmart – just basic supplies.  Then we ran to a meeting that Brian had set up.  We had dinner in Dallas’ West End district at Spaghetti Warehouse.  I haven’t eaten at a Spaghetti Warehouse in probably twenty years or possibly more.  Dominica has never eaten at one and neither has Liesl, obviously.

We had a nice dinner.  We were meeting with a friend of Brian’s that he had met online on a video game that he plays on Facebook and had wanted to meet while Brian was in town.  It was nice to get to see some of downtown Dallas.   I have driven through but have never stopped there before.

After dinner we just drove back to the house and pretty much headed straight off to bed.  It was rather late.

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