March 2, 2010: Web Publishing Day

We went to bed a little after eleven last night.  Liesl then woke me up around two thirty this morning.  I tried to fall back asleep after she did that but after being awake until almost four I decided to just give up on the whole idea and to just get up and get out of bed.  Better to be productive and feel good about myself rather than to just lay in bed thinking about all of the work that I should be doing but am not.

So at four in the morning I sat down at my little built in desk in the living room and got to work on my laptop.  I did a ton of work today.  I mean a ton.  The amount of work that I had managed to complete before anyone else was awake in the house was pretty crazy.

My biggest project was getting SMB IT Journal, the ezine of small business technology, migrated from a custom hosted server over to the Rackspace Cloud in San Antonio.  Not that it was a complicated project, just time consuming.  I have several CMS systems that need to go through this migration so I will be working on that as time permits.  I managed to get several systems migrated today which helped to take a load off of my plate.

I was intending to head into the office early today but ended up getting caught up with a few issues at the office that kept me from going in and then there was one phone conference after another and it just ended up being a work from home day.  A really, really busy day, in fact.

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