March 12, 2010: Another Dragon Age Day, But Not Mine

Yet another beautiful day in north Texas.  I have managed to walk to work every day this week and have managed to walk home for lunch every day.  That is ten trips to and from the office in one week.  Impressive.  I have not pulled this off yet since starting down here in Las Colinas.

Today was not so busy as many Fridays.  Not a bad day.  I was able to come home for lunch and then walk back to the office.  I even managed to get out of the office at a decent time this evening.

We’ve managed to eat at home for the entire week.  Our first time doing that since moving to Texas as well, I believe.

Dominica spent the day playing Dragon Age Origins and when I got home I watched Liesl so that she could play all evening.  Liesl and I had a good time reading and playing.  DAO is very much like watching a movie so I watched that a bit.  Dominica is really getting quite far in this game.

Liesl is continuing to really show a lot of development this week.  Every night it seems that she has another couple of words to tell me and her “pretend conversations” that she has with us are getting more and more understandable.  They still don’t involve specific words, or at least not words that we recognize, but you can really get the flow of what she is saying as if she was speaking in Simlish.

We have decided that we are going to take Liesl to the Houston Zoo on Thursday which will be really cool.  She has not been to the zoo before and I think that she is really going to like it.

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