March 13, 2010: Discovering Soap

This morning we got a chance to sleep in.  Yay.  I forgot to mention the big item that happened last week – we finally got a bed here in Texas!  I can’t believe that it slipped my mind as it was a pretty significant part of the week.  The bed itself actually arrived at our local Walmart (we had it shipped there from an online order because the shipping is free when you do that) just before we left for Las Vegas but we were unable to do anything about it before we left so we just had them hold it for us.

On Monday Dominica had driven out to Walmart and brought the bed home.  On Monday night I had moved the mattress, which was insanely heavy, from the car park to the apartment.  It was so heavy and my heart was racing so much after doing so that we decided to leave the bed frame for Tuesday.  It is a king size, eight inch thick, memory foam mattress.  Much like our mattress in Peekskill but a little thicker and king rather than queen.  On Monday night we just threw the mattress on the floor of Liesl’s room and slept there.  It was awesome to not be on an air mattress.  We have been sleeping on an air mattress, with two adults, a toddler and a seriously bed-hogging Boston Terrier for two and a half months now.

On Tuesday I brought the bed frame to the apartment and Dominica assembled that while I was playing Final Fantasy XIII.  The assembly was really easy.  It is a metal frame, portable bed frame that we will easily be able to just throw into the back of the X3 and move whenever we move to a new home.  So Tuesday evening we got the bed completely assembled and set up in our own bedroom.

So this entire week we have been sleeping on a real bed.  The biggest factor for us is that when one person (or Oreo) moves it doesn’t cause the entire bed to move around.  We are able to get much more solid sleep now.

This morning I finally got the Nikon D90 charged and set up again so I took some Liesl pictures first thing.  I need to always have the camera just available in the middle of the living room in order to always be able to get pictures whenever she is doing something cute.  The camera has been discharged and packed ever since we moved to Texas which has made getting pictures really tough – especially as my Kodak digicam got packed somewhere for a while and we could not find that either.  So look for new Liesl pictures to be posted very soon – real pics from the good camera.

I had to do some office work this morning but not very much.  It was good as I needed some time to just relax at home.  Not that there wasn’t plenty of work for me to do but at least I didn’t have stuff hanging over my head.

Dominica got up and got right to playing Dragon Age: Origins.  She has been making crazy progress through the game and is definitely pretty far along.  She had felt like she was mostly just starting on the game but when she checked some online walkthroughs she figured out that this afternoon she was already on the eighth out of nine major sections of the game.  So she is planning to finish playing the game this weekend – most likely tomorrow.

We stayed in today.  Another day of not going out to eat.  We are doing quite well this week.  This evening, after Dominica got tired of playing DAO and just needed a break we checkout out the latest on demand Netflix content and discovered that the classic 1977 American television show Soap is now available!  Neither of us has ever actually watched the show but we both know just about everyone who stars in it and we know the show by reputation.  The show was on when I was two young to watch it and Dominica was not born yet when it started its run.  It was not a popular show in reruns when we were young so it was never something that we really had the option to watch.

Soap is actually a great show.  It has a phenomenal fast – pretty much all of whom went on to major careers in the 1980s on other series and, which came as a surprise to me, it has a very young Billy Crystal.  I had no idea that he got his start doing sitcoms!

Then it was off to bed.  We tried to go to bed as early as possible tonight as tonight is the Daylight Savings time change here in the US.

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