March 21, 2010: Recovery Sunday

We are all pretty much worthless today.  Driving all day and not getting to bed until eight in the morning after several days of getting practically no sleep takes its toll on you.

I set up the laptop in the living room and got to work.  I had several hours of “office work” that needed my attention and I had to do it on just two to three hours of sleep.  I was feeling pretty rough today.

Surprisingly most of the crew was up pretty early (early afternoon, that is) after the insanely long day yesterday and long morning this morning.

Once people were awake there was a lot of Oblivion being played, by Brian and Jen, while I worked on my laptop.  Once people were hungry we just ordered in some pizza and hung around at the house.

I spent the afternoon learning some Python testing with the Selenium suite.  I did some web site automation and figured out how to exploit the SpiceWorks community to automatically generate points in a mostly invisible way.  That was an interesting project and definitely taught me a lot about automating web interfaces for testing.  I emailed in the exploit to the SpiceWorks guys so that they could look into a patch to deal with that type of system.  It is not trivial to do and is easily detectable once you know what to look for so it is not really something that anyone else can now do but doing it was very educational for me and useful for them.

Very little to report.  Tired people here.  Off to bed at a reasonable hour.  Tomorrow my Red Hat architecture class begins so I need to be up early for that.

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