March 22, 2010: Class and Edibles

I got up quite early this morning so that I would have time to set up and get all ready for my Red Hat Monitoring and Tuning class that I am taking today.  It is part of the Red Hat Architect program and is actually the first Linux class that I have ever taken.  This may be surprising to many of you as I am a senior Linux administrator and have been working on Linux since around 1997 or 1998 and Solaris for quite a bit longer but I have never actually seen Linux in any sort of academic setting whether a lab, college class or training session like this.  All of my Linux certifications were done purely through my own self study.  I’ve even mostly written and was the approver on a major Red Hat Linux certification long before taking this class.

I spent the day sitting in the living room on the sofa listening to my class through headphones.  Not the most exciting way to learn but the class was good and I am thinking that I am going to be learning a bit in this class.  It has been a long time since I have taken any class so the change of pace is definitely very nice.

After class was over this evening, which turned out to be a bit earlier than I had been expecting, we all ran over to Edibles for some dinner and drinks.  I got to meet Jeff for the first time just before we left Tara’s house to head over there.

We ended up hanging out at Edibles until closing.  It was trivia night which we ended up kind of winning.  There was hardly anyone playing trivia tonight and it was our table of six people versus one girl sitting at the bar playing alone.  She won approximately half of the rounds which was pretty sad.

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