March 6, 2010: Returning to Texas

It was a rough morning this morning.  I slept in as long as I could.  Dominica and Liesl were up and watching television before I got up.

I eventually pulled myself out of bed and got to work.  Someone did a bit of my work last night for me, which was awesome, so I had a bit of free time this morning.

We discovered, though, that the soy milk that we had bought just two days ago was bad.  So we needed more.  I packed up and headed out for the insanely long walk across the street.  Even just going right across the street I think that it takes upwards of twenty minutes to get there walking through City Center.

I hit Walgreens and got just enough soy milk to get us through back to Texas.  Then I walked next door to the McDonald’s on the strip and picked up a surprise breakfast for Dominica and I.  It is a funny thing, eating at McDonald’s on the Vegas strip.

I walked back to the hotel and we ate breakfast.  Then it was just packing to be done and getting out of the hotel.  Our shuttle was scheduled to get to us at noon which was our checkout time.  That was very convenient.  At the same time Andy and Miranda were scheduled to take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.  Hopefully they were able to get up and get out to that.  It would be horrible if they missed their chance to take that tour.

We got to the airport without major incident.  We had plenty of time before our flight so Dominica sat with Liesl while I scrounged around for food.  I ended up getting us veggie burgers from Ruby’s Diner which was not too far from our terminal gate.  The food was actually extremely good.  I wish that we had more time to actually eat there properly.

The flight from Las Vegas to Houston went much, much better than the flight did in the other direction.  This time we checked Liesl’s massive car seat so that we did not have to deal with it on the flight.  That made the whole experience that much happier simply by not requiring us to lug that awful thing all through the airport.  It is just too much to have that much luggage wherever you go.

On this flight Liesl was far happier than she was on the other flight.  She got to sit in the seat like a big girl which she likes and she had room to move around.  It also gave Dominica and I tons more room as well.  Liesl was happy and slept most of the way.  Dominica watched some movie that was on and I just relaxed.  The flight was about three and a half hours which seems very long but if you look at a map, Houston to Las Vegas is a very, very long distance.  The American West really is a massive, massive place.  It is misleading if you don’t travel across it regularly.

We got into the airport in Houston at eight.  Brian was waiting for us as we got off of the plane.  We just got the car seat from the baggage claim and he was right outside with our car.

We drove over to the hotel where Jen was waiting.  This was the first time that Dominica and Liesl got to meet Jen.  From there we all went over to Waffle House just down the street for some dinner.  There had been no food for us vegetarians on the plane other than some carrots.

After dinner we dropped Brian and Jen off at the hotel where they were working and then drove on down to League City on the other side of Houston arriving there around ten thirty or so.  We were exhausted and just went straight to bed.  I did hear from Andy this evening and they did make it to their helicopter tour.

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