March 31, 2010: Final Day Alone

We didn’t manage to get anything figured out but we know that I can get down tomorrow night to get Dominica, Liesl and Oreo so we are just stuck doing that.  I have Friday off from work so I have a lot more flexibility tomorrow night than I do the rest of the week.

Again, nothing to report today.  Worked in the office.  Went home and got dinner from Mike’s Jersey Subs.  Off to bed early.  Long day ahead of me tomorrow.

Dominica has been telling me all of the new things that Liesl has been doing since I have been away.  She has said her first sentence now!  “I get down.”  She has been learning a lot from hanging around her older cousin Garrett.  She has started acting like a toddler now rather than an older baby.  She is quite ahead of schedule in many ways now.

I really miss my family.

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