April 1, 2010: Running Down to Houston

I’m still home along but only until tonight.  I got up this morning and worked until lunch.  At lunch or a little afterwards I came home and worked from the house for a little while.  I worked from home for a little while and then at four or four thirty I was finally able to get into the car and start driving down towards Houston.

Of course I ended up hitting horrible Dallas traffic which cost me a lot of time.  The original plan had been for me to leave Irving at three thirty but I got delayed because of work and then hit the rush hour traffic that I had been attempting to avoid so my ride got much, much longer than we had been expecting.

It was a long, long drive down to Houston.  Originally Dominica was going to get dropped off in the Woodlands to meet me there and cut a few hours off of my drive but with the delay and then the traffic no one had the time to drop her off so instead of driving to the near side of Houston I had to drive into Galveston County down to League City to pick everyone up.  A very long drive indeed.

It was nine thirty or so when I finally got down to League City.  Already I was pretty tired.  It was great to finally see everyone though.  I do not like going that long without seeing Liesl at all!

Liesl was so excited when I walked through the door.  She spotted me from across the house, held out her arms and just ran to me 🙂

We loaded up the car and turned around in League City as quickly as we could.  We were probably there for half an hour or so before getting back on to the road to drive north up to Irving again.  What a late night.

It was around three in the morning when we pulled into the apartment.  Very good to have everyone home.

In the last two weeks I have driven just a little under five thousand miles!  I am ready to be done driving for a while.

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