April 6, 2010: UHaul Gets Closer

They are on the road today with the UHaul.  They made it to Knoxville last night.  Today their journey is from Knoxville to Little Rock.  Brian said that the wind remains really bad and driving has been extremely difficult.

Dominica and I are really looking forward to having our stuff again.  It will be awfully nice to actually have possessions once again.  There is so much stuff that we wish that we had regular access to.  Even if our stuff is in a storage unit at least we will be able to get to it and dig out the stuff that we really want.

In theory today was to be a cleaning day but we got very little done.  We tried to do some house cleaning yesterday but got nowhere at all.  Brian and Tara will be arriving sometime tomorrow so we still have tomorrow morning to do some cleaning but not a lot of time and Liesl likes to make a mess of the house as you go along cleaning so it is really hard to get any real amount of work done in any practical way.

Spent the evening just hanging out with Dominica and Liesl.  This is our last evening “together” without lots of other stuff going on for quite some time.

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