April 5, 2010: Our UHaul Leaves Pennsylvania

This morning Brian and Tara left Chalfont, Pennsylvania driving the Trailblazer pulling our loaded UHaul with just about everything that we own in the universe (except for all of the crap that we have stored at my dad’s place, of course.)  It is massively loaded so the drive is going to be horrible for them.  It has been really windy all down the east coast and out to Texas as well so they are in for some really crappy driving conditions with that big trailer.

They made it as far as Knoxville today which is pretty amazing with how slowly they have to move and how late they got started.  They had been planning to have gotten up at two this morning to get on to the road very early but ended up sleeping in and not leaving until eight or nine which meant that they were in much heavier traffic as well.

I am in the office today.  Nothing special to report.  This week I am spending all of my spare time doing my best to get my papers caught up in my master’s class at RIT.  I have a total of forty papers (yes forty) due by mid-semester which is the nineteenth which is just two weeks from today.  But some of those papers must be turned in before that point.  There will be another forty papers that I have to write in the second half of the semester as well.

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