March 25, 2010: Surprise Trip to Rochester

Today, finally, I was able to buckle down and really focus on my class all day without any real interruptions.  It turns out that today, not tomorrow, is the final day of my class.  It was an accident that they had told us that the class was going to run an extra day.  So surprise, I have tomorrow “off” in a way.  That works out perfectly, actually.  Not that a day off ever goes amiss but this week I really need it.

I worked all day on my Red Hat training.  The class was good and I am very glad that I got a chance to take it.  I learned a bit and will learn more when I take the time to go back through the material again and try it all out on my own servers.

The plan was for Brian and I to drive Jen up to Croton-on-Hudson early tomorrow morning so that she could catch the Amtrak train, Maple Leaf or Lake Shore Limited, up to Rochester as she is picking up the Mazda PR5 up there.  We bought the train tickets at the end of the day and just minutes after getting the tickets we realized that the Mazda needs a New York State inspection which causes all kinds of issues.  We did some brainstorming and the only thing that we could come up with was that a trip to Rochester was absolutely necessary.

We called Amtrak and cancelled the tickets.  Thank goodness for Amtrak.  They are so awesome.  No charge to us to cancel the tickets.  You never get that from your airline!  Amtrak rocks.

Jen and I quickly started packing the X3 to prepare to depart.  No sooner than we took out the first load than the door closed and locked us out.  Oops.  We had to wait for Brian and Tara to return from the chiropractor to let us back in so that we could keep packing.

We were out the door and on the road from Chalfont, Pennsylvania up to Pavilion, New York by around five.  We wound through the backroads of northwester Philadelphia which was a little interesting.  We found our way to the Northeast Turnpike Extension and drove up to Clark’s Summit where we stopped to get dinner at Damien’s.

The drive up to Pavilion went just fine.  We made good time and this trip was trivial compared to all of the driving that I have been doing so I didn’t mind the extra miles at all.  Going from Philly to Pavilion is little different, but much more interesting, than going from Dallas to Houston.

We got up to dad’s place around eleven thirty or just a little after.  We hung out for just a little while and then it was off to sleep.  This is the earliest that we managed to get to bed all week!  Who would have thought that an extra trip to Rochester would result in extra free time?

It was nice that this gave me at least a little bit of time to go see dad.  I haven’t seen him since December and with his shoulder bothering him it is pretty much impossible for him to get down to Texas to see us.

Tomorrow morning we have to be up and on the road pretty early.  We start driving separately as of tomorrow.  Now the trips start getting very lonely very quickly.

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