April 22, 2010: Working on Chat Client

Nothing builds an ego like not having anyone around to tell you when you are being a moron. – Adam Walter

Today Tara is staying home all day with Oreo so he doesn’t have to be alone again.  He has been having a very stressful week with Dominica and Liesl being gone and no one being home with him all day long.  He will be very happy to be able to snuggle with someone all day today.

I was off to the office today.  Work ended up being crazy busy.  It was so busy that I had to skip lunch.  I grabbed a quick bite but just ate at my desk without ever getting a break.  It was very good that Tara was at home with Oreo or I would have had to have run home just to walk him and then run back to work.

I got home at a halfway decent hour and Brian, Tara and I went out to Firehouse Subs for dinner.  I wanted to do something fast as our evenings have been devoured by meetings and dinner plans every night and it is killing my schedule.  I am getting worn out going out every night.  I’m looking forward to just staying home for a little while!

After dinner we walked over to Marble Slab Creamery and got some ice cream for dessert.  Then it was back to the house where we would stay in for the rest of the evening.

Brian spent the evening playing Oblivion, surprise surprise.  He has been playing it a ton recently.  I think that he is further through the game now that I am.  I am quite looking forward to getting to play it again myself although I am not really sure when I will have the time or the opportunity.  At least the Platstation 3 that has my game saved on it is at the house now so there is some chance that I will get to play.  Now I just need to get that hooked up, find some free time, find my copy of Oblivion and then I will be all set.

I spent this evening working on getting an AJAX XMPP client set up and working.  I’ve had this on my docket for way too long and tonight I decided that it just had to be completed.  Too many things lingering for too long.  My first task was finding an XMPP web client that could do what I needed.  There are tons out there, including iJab, that look great but are “JavaScript clients” which is nice and all but are just replacements for installing Spark or Pidgin which isn’t my goal.  I am trying to get XMPP to be usable to people who only have access to HTTPS on port 443 and can’t use the XMPP protocol directly.  I thought that this would be a very easy task but it turns out that almost no one makes this type of tool even though it is insanely obvious.

So after much research I decided to go with Claros Chat which requires a Java Server container like Tomcat.  So I had to start by installing Tomcat and then installing Claros.  Claros was pretty easy to set up and worked quite well.  It also has built in support for Google Talk which is an added bonus.  So now, in theory, I will be much more accessible during the day than I have been for the past several months.  This is going to make life much, much easier.

It was three in the morning when I finally wrapped up and tested everything and was confident heading off to slumber.  Time for Oreo snuggles.  He has been extra snuggly since Dominica and Liesl are not around.  I get all of the puppy snuggles now.  I could hear that Brian was still up playing Oblivion when I went to bed.  He is really addicted to that game.

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