April 23, 2010: Friday at Home

I was a bit tired this morning after having worked until three in the morning last night but I feel much better knowing that the web-based chat client that I needed to have working is now in place.  That is going to make life a lot simpler.

Since I was up so late last night and since tomorrow I have to be in the office all day I decided that today was definitely a work from home day.  Oreo needs as much attention as I can give to him as this has been a really tough week for him so spending time with him is my plan for the day.

I started work nice and early this morning and Oreo just curled up in his car seat that I brought into the bedroom so he was just behind me all morning where I could just reach back and pet him periodically without moving away from my desk.  He likes that arrangement.  He is quite enjoying having me be home today.

For lunch, Brian and I ran out to Rockfish to meet up with someone to talk about some “talk to the expert” stuff for a major website.  We were not prepared for how serious or major the project was.  It is sounding like something extremely interesting so we will be following up and hearing more early next week.

After lunch it was back to the apartment for an afternoon of work.  We started talking, Brian and I, and we realized that the only reason that he and Tara were remaining in Texas was so that Brian could go to La Cima with me on Monday to talk to them about membership which doesn’t even have anything to do with him at all because I am getting information to present to my current office.  Brian was just coming along for the ride. Of course, without Brian being around I don’t have a ride to get to La Cima on Monday but I will figure that out at that point.  That is pretty minor in comparison to holding them in Texas for the better part of another week.

So we decided to get everyone together tonight: the other Brian, Daniel and his wife, Maggie and the three of us already at the house.  It was our last chance for everyone to see each other before Brian and Tara returned to Pennsylvania without any solid plans for them to be returning to Texas at any point in particular until late October.

Everyone hung out till seven or so when we all walked over to La Joya for dinner.  It was a gorgeous evening so we just ate outside on the patio.  That worked out really well.

I went to bed early.  It was probably eleven or so when I actually managed to get to bed.  Have to be up early tomorrow and work a very long day so getting sleep tonight is pretty important.

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