April 29, 2010: Driving Down to See Clara

I have today off of work and we are spending the day driving down to League City.  I was able to sleep in a little this morning.  Dominica did most of the packing although there isn’t all that much to do for this particular trip.  Then, when Liesl woke up, we were able to just head out to the car and hit the road.

I believe that it was about five minutes till ten when we pulled out of the parking garage and got onto the road.  The weather is pretty nice today, but it is very windy which makes driving a huge pain.

We grabbed breakfast at Jack in the Box and walked Oreo and were back on the road.  We made pretty good time and arrived at the Grices’ around three in the afternoon.

I got to see little baby Clara, not even a whole week old, when we arrived.  I held her for probably an hour.  She pretty much just slept.  Liesl loves to give her new cousin kisses.

We hung out with the family till around ten in the evening.  Then we went down to Bayou Vista because we are staying with Joe and Britt while Oreo stays at the Grices’.  Liesl was quite tired by the time that we finally got her to bed.

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