April 28, 2010: Taking the Family to La Cima

I was up and off to work quite early this morning.  Today starts my early morning coverage on a regular basis.  This will also work out well for walking to work in the brutal Texas summer as it is only so bad if you can get over to the office before the sun really comes out and starts cooking everything.

It was a busy day and I ended up working through lunch and not having any time to go home today.  I did manage to get out a little bit early though which helped as we did not have much time after work to get ready to go to La Cima for dinner tonight.

We tried to meet up with Brian at six thirty but it was almost seven by the time that we arrived at La Cima.  We got there and sat down for drinks in the lounge before going in for dinner.  There was only one other couple in the lounge while we were there so when they went in to the dining room Liesl was able to walk around with Dominica and burn off some of her excess energy while Brian and I enjoyed our drinks.  Wednesday nights are a perfect time for Liesl to go to La Cima as it is very slow there and she doesn’t interfere with other people’s dinners.

It was probably seven thirty when we went into the dining room.  Just early enough that there was sunlight and Dominica got to see the view before the sun went down and then she got to see the lights of the metroplex come on which is pretty cool from the top of the Williams Tower.

Liesl had a great time playing with the staff.  She really liked it at La Cima.  We decided to join tonight so that we can use La Cima all of the time.  It is perfectly situated for me to be able to get there easily from work during the day so I hope to be able to take advantage of the lunch buffet on a regular basis.  There are several people from the office who are considering joining as well which could equate to regular car pools going over there from the office.  It is very close.

After dinner we went home and went right to bed.  Liesl was tired and we want to get moving on the early side tomorrow.  I took tomorrow off from work so no need to travel before or after the workday.

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