May 1, 2010: Shopping for Liesl Stuff

I had to be up at a quarter till seven this morning which was very early for me.  I am feeling really worn down today.

I was set up in Joe and Britt’s kitchen and working but a few minutes after seven.  It is Saturday so I have my usual Saturday work to do this morning for the Middle East.

As soon as my work was done, roughly around nine, we drove over to Waffle House and grabbed breakfast and then went to the Grices’ to visit.  We are celebrating Garrett’s second birthday today so much of the family from the metroplex came down today for the party.

After everyone left this evening, Emily and I went shopping for Liesl stuff.  We got her a stuffed Elmo that blows kisses (I picked it out, I think that she is going to love it) and a LeapFrog Tag Junior reading kit with an Elmo book and a Dora the Explorer Counting Book.  I also found her an Elmo counting book and a colouring book.  I also picked up an on sale microwave for Dominica.  Now that we know that we are going to be in our apartment for the next ten months we really need to have one.  It is kind of bizarre that our apartment did not come with one.  I hate having to buy the same things over and over again – we are wasting so much money doing that.

After Walmart Emily and I ran over to GameStop and found a used copy of Dragon Age: Origins Awakenings, the big expansion pack to Dragon Age: Origins that Dominica just loves.  Because it was a used copy and I have an Edge Advantage card it was an additional ten percent off making it a pretty good deal.

After shopping it was back to the Grices’ to pick up Dominica and Liesl and then pretty much straight back to Joe and Britt’s house so that we could put Liesl to bed.  Liesl is getting onto a schedule of going to bed by nine in the evening which is pretty awesome.

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