May 2, 2010: Work Day

This morning I had a ton of work to get done so we decided that it would be best if I stayed at Joe and Britt’s house until dinner time while Dominica and Liesl would go on to the Grices’ so that they could visit.  Joe had to work today and Britt was locked away studying anyway so it was perfect for me to just hang out in the kitchen with my laptop working.

I worked a full day for the office today.  I also managed to catch up on SGL and get a lot of papers written for my class at RIT.  I am behind but catching up as quickly as I can.  There is just so much to do for this class.  It is impossible to keep on top of it all.

At four thirty I drove over to the Grices’ to meet up with the family for dinner.  On the way the car registered the outside temperature at ninety-five degrees as I went through Bacliff!  I heard a rumour that it was snowing in Upstate New York this past week!

Liesl and Garrett played outside in the little kiddie sprinkler pool for a long time.  Liesl was in her swim suit and would stand in the pool taking a little plastic cup and drinking as much water as she could.  She loves drinking water.

All of that playing outside really wore out the kids.  We had dinner, watched Myth Busters and pretty much it was time to get back to put Liesl to bed.

We will be returning to Irving tomorrow evening.

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