May 15, 2010: Omelets and Exams

I was up at a quarter till seven this morning.  I hate having to start the weekend like this nearly every week.  Having a chance to sleep in now and then is kind of important.  I worked from seven until nine.  Not a busy day and very unfortunate that these short deployments always require that I be up so early on the closest thing that I get to a day off.

After nine, Dominica, Liesl and I went down to the “coffee bar” in our apartment complex for the special quarterly omelet breakfast that they do every so often.  They bring in a catering firm that does really good omelets.  It works out really well.  They get seventy-five to one hundred residents coming down and meeting up with each other every time that they do these.

After breakfast I settled in to work on the exam for the rest of the day – which I did.  I worked from about ten in the morning till around midnight.  What a long, exhausting day.

Dominica spent the day playing Dragon Age Awakening which she finished.  She has gotten a ton of use out of those Dragon Age games!  I hope to start playing them myself as soon as this exam validation is over.

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