May 14, 2010: Starting on the Exam

Work today.  The usual for a Friday.  Very busy all day.  I came home for lunch and hung out with Dominica while Liesl mostly slept.

After work I had to spend what little time that there was this evening working on the ASP.NET 3.5 exam that I am validating.  Doing a test validation, especially one for a programming exam, is an insane amount of work.  In this case there are two hundred and twenty two questions that I need to pour over and ensure that each one is correct, worded well, meaningful, applicable and relevant.  No small task.  A single question can easily take ten minutes.

So I put in an hour or two doing this today but my real plan is to work on this all weekend doing this and to get to bed on the early side tonight so that I am rested and able to really focus once tomorrow comes.  I am also scheduled to be up early tomorrow to do production releases so I do not get to sleep in at all either.

After this weekend, Dominica and Liesl are leaving early in the week to go down to Houston to be with Francesca.  They are staying for the weekend so that I can spend my time at home with Liesl rather than them being gone over the weekend but, of course, with all of the work that I have to do this may not work out as well as we had hoped.

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